20. Apr 2017 – 31. May 2017Childhood
- Exhibition at DORA 3 and E. C. Dahl, Trondheim. A collaboration between DORA 3, E. C. Dahls brewery and E. C. Dahl pub and kitchen. Opening on E.C. Dahls brewery on 20th April the at 19:00. The artist will be present. Program: Opening Harald Stanghelle, commentator and editor in Aftenposten. Music by Kari Rueslåtten and Temporary.

31. Oct 2015 – 22. Nov 2015Paintings - GALLERI DOBLOUG


>> Catalog - PDF
11. Sep 2015Relaunch of the Biblical Cycle
Friday 11 September 2015 we will again have the opportunity to see the "The Biblical Cycle" in the Nidaros Cathedral. 

Gullvåg’s paintings are part of a long tradition where many artists throughout history have interpreted the biblical motifs for use in churches.
2. Jul 2015 – 30. Aug 2015The Biblical Cycle
Exhibition in Krakow at the The Archdiocesan Museum

Opening July 2, 4 p.m. by His eminence Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, Archbishop of Krakow. The exhibition is open until August 2015.

19. Oct 2014In the Beginning - Gallery Dobloug
Painting Exhibition at Gallery Dobloug. The exhibition runs from October 25 to November 16, 2014.I begynnelsen - Galleri Dobloug

>> Download the catalog here

19. Oct 2014Two church exhibitions in France
17th October the Bible cycle was exhibited in the cathedral at Rouen. The images are transferred on 1 November to monastery church of St. Ouen in the same city.

>> Download French-language catalog here

13. Jun 2014Galleri Espolin - Lofoten
The Exhibition opens June the 13th.
11. Jun 2014 – 2. Jul 2014Hangzhou: Håkon Gullvåg Art Exhibition
An exhibition showing the works of the Norwegian artist Håkon Gullvåg is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Westlake in Hangzhou. The exhibition, titled "Echoing", will run from 11 June - 2 July.
20. Jun 2014 – 26. Jun 2014St Magnus International Festival
St. Magnus International Festival opens June  20th.

St Magnus International Festival

4. Feb 2014Altarpiece for church in Jordan
Håkon Gullvåg has decorated the altarpiece for Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and The Holy Land.



19. Nov 2013Souvenirboks with lithographs, vinyl and Blu-ray
This handmade box with two lithographs by Håkon Gullvåg is a tangible result of close cooperation between the Trondheim Soloists, Gullvåg and the record label 2L. The box is a collector's item and is made in a limited edition of 100 copies.


23. Nov 2013New Exhibition in China
Yuan Dian Museum, Beijing. 23th november 2013.
26. Oct 2013 – 17. Nov 2013Galleri Dobloug
Galleri  Dobloug - Håkon Gullvåg - Paintings,  26.oktober - 17.november.

Galleri Dobloug

19. Oct 2013 – 22. Dec 2013Trondheim Art Museum
In dialogue with other artists Håkon Gullvåg is going to display the triptych; The Golden Calf. This work is part of a larger exhibition featuring several artists, titled The Dance Around the Golden Calf at Trondheim Art Museum from October 19th.

Håkon Gullvåg, The Golden Calf (2005)

>> Read more at TKM
2. Aug 2013 – 31. Aug 2013Exhibition in Daqing
Exhibition in Daqing Cultural and Creative Industry Park opens August 2th and is on display to august 31th.


2. Mar 2013 – 14. Apr 2013Håkon Gullvåg og Nils Aas – Portraits1949 – 2013
March 2th – April 14th 2013

Nils Aas Kunstverksted




Photo: Henning Lystad/Nils Aas Kunstverksted
Separatutstilling i Oslo 29. september - 21. Oktober 2012
16. Dec 2011 – 10. Apr 2012Opening of exhibition in Jerusalem 16th December
Håkon Gullvåg’s exhibition A modern approach to the divine image by is officially opened on Friday 16th december 2011 at 6pm at The evangelical Lutheran church of Augusta Victoria in Jerusalem

Opening speeches will be held by H. E. the Norwegian Minister of Government Administration, Reform and Church affairs Rigmor Aasrud and by the bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land the Rt. Rev. Dr. Munib A. Younan. 

The exhibition is curated by Daniel Johansen and project manager is Venke Aarethun.

The concert that follows the exhibition opening will be held by the Norwegian chamber ensemble The Trondheim Soloists, the Norwegian musician and composer Henning Sommeroe, together with the Palestinian artist and composer Rim Banna.

Exhibition period:  16th dec. 2011 - 10th April 2012

28. Mar 2011 – 4. Jun 2011Exhibition Opening in Hangzhou marks the round up of Gullvåg in China 2010/11
The opening of a significant collection of paintings from Håkon Gullvåg in the magnificent halls at the Gallery of The China Academy of Art in Hangzhou takes place on Monday the 28th of March. This is the last showplace for the exhibition that has toured China in 2010/11. The exhibition has previously had a large number of visitors and also a workshop with Chinese students from the Art Academy. The Chinese poet Fang Xianhai has characterized the exhibition as “An artistic gunpowder depot, shocking with explosive power”. Also Gullvåg himself regards the China project as a success in spite of the difficulties met with the Chinese bureaucracy, largely due to the work that the art institutions has put into this project. The number of visitors has exceeded those of any previous exhibitions.

Gullvåg has had two exhibitions touring China, one consisting of graphic artwork and one of paintings. They have previously been displayed at the University Museum of Souzhou, Three Gorges Museum, Chongquing, Shenyang Art Museum, Moo Gan Shan Gallery, Shanghai, Luyang Art Museum and Tai'an Museum in Shandong. Now, the time has come for the last exhibition at the Gallery of The China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.
22. Nov 2010 – 15. Dec 2010Exhibition in Shanghai
Gullvaags travelling exhibition will from the 15th November be located in Shanghai at Mo Gan Shan Gallery. The contemporary and historical portrait, the paraphrase, the autobiographical theme, the still life and his illustrations on major literary classics is all presented in Gullvaag’s exhibition.

The Tour
Souzhou, University Museum, May 26, 2010
Chongqing, Three Gorges Museum, May 31, 2010
Shanghai,  Mo Gan Shan Gallery, November 22 - December 15, 2010
Hangzhou, Art Museum (China Academy of Art), March 20- April 6, 2011
Shenyang, Shenyang Art Museum, November 5-17, 2010
Luyang Art Museum, December 15, 2010

20. Jan 2011Terra Sancta - Exhibition in Amman
Håkon Gullvåg’s exhibition tour Terra Sancta in the Middle East is presently opening in The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman

On January the 20th, 1800 hrs., the exhibition Terra Sancta will open in Amman, Jordan. The Jordanian exhibition will include the works The Flag and Invation Triptych, which will make the National Gallery in Amman the first institution to show Terra Sancta in its entirety after the sensorship by French authorities in Damascus.

The opening of the exhibition will be performed by the Norwegian ambassador to Jordan, Petter Øhlberg. It consists of 42 large format works that can be read as a comment on the invation of Gaza that took place in December 2008. Several of Gullvåg’s works are dedicated to the children of Gaza.

This is the fourth stop for the exhibition previously seen in Norway, 2009 at the Trondheim Art Museum, and in 2010 at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, Lebanon and at the Centre Culturel Français in Damascus, Syria. 

Curator of the exhibition Daniel Johansen, and Project Coordinator is Venke Aarethun. The artist will be present.
15. Dec 2010 – 31. Jan 2011The exhibition "In Norwegian Style" in Luoyang
The exhibition "In Norwegian Style" opened on Wednesday December the 15th in Luoyang in the Henan province in China. "In Norwegian Style" was first shown this summer during "Norway Days" in Chongqing, a collaborator region for Sør-Trøndelag county. 

The exhibition consists of two elements: an exhibition of graphics by Håkon Gullvåg, and photographs from Trøndelag and Norway. The exhibition will last to January 31st.


30. Oct 2010 – 21. Nov 2010Galleri Dobloug - Paintings 2009-2010
New paintings at Gallery Dobloug

30. October 2010 a new exhibition opens at Gallery Dobloug featuring highlights from two of Håkon Gullvåg’s recent. Large scale exhibitions outside Europe.
The most prominent theme is a subject matter Gullvåg has worked since his breakthrough in 1983, namely an adult person's effort to depict a world seen through a child's senses. In addition, the exhibition shows playful paraphrasing the artist's own youth work and Spanish masters.

Gallery Dobloug
13. Oct 2010Terra Sancta - Exhibition in Damascus

On 13 October opens the exhibition Terra Sancta at the Centre Culturel français in Damascus. The opening will be made by the Syrian Culture Minister Riyad Naasan Agha and France's ambassador to Syria, Eric Chevallier. The exhibition consists of 42 works in large formats and is the artist's tribute to Gaza's children. It was shown in 2009 at Trondheim Art Museum, and the spring of 2010 at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut. At the end of 2010 the exhibition will be sent to Amman where it will be located at the Jordan National Gallery.

20. Oct 2010Exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts in Shenyang
On 20 October, a larger collection of works by Gullvåg be displayed on the Museum of Fine Arts in Shenyang, one of China's most prestigious arts venues. This is a part of Håkon Gullvåg’s China tour, which has previously been shown in Suzhou and Chongqing, and will continue to art museums such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou during the winter 2010 and spring 2011.

8. Jun 2010Terra sancta – Exhibition in Beirut
The opening of the art exhibition takes place at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut Tuesday the 8th of June, 6 p.m. The exhibition will last for four weeks. Opening speeches will be held by H.E. Minister of Culture Selim Warde and H.E. Ambassador of Norway Aud Lise Norheim. The artist will be present. The exhibition is curated by Daniel Johansen and project manager is Venke Aarethun. 

The exhibition will later visit the National Museum of Damascus and The National Gallery of Amman in late 2010 and early 2011.
26. May 2010Håkon Gullvåg in China
Håkon Gullvåg will be presenting his works to a Chinese audience in a series of exhibitions across the country in the period 2010-2011. The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of a new book documenting 20 years of his life’s work. 

Gullvåg will be presenting two series focusing on paintings and graphics respectively. The painting exhibition will be launched in Suzhou on the 26th of May and later in Hangzhou accompanied by the Trondheim soloists, who will deliver a performance in traditional Scandinavian music. The graphics exhibition will follow on the 31st of May in the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. The exhibition will subsequently move across the country during a span of two years.

Upcoming exhibitions include the following:
Suzhou, University Art Museum, May 26, 2010
Chongqing, Three Gorges Museum, May 31, 2010
Hangzhou, 2010 (TBD)
Shenyang, Museum of Art (TBD)
Beijing (TBD)

Download PDF presentation of the project

Read more on Norway - The Official Site in China



Gullvåg Exhibitions in China 2010-2011

Norwegian painter Håkon Gullvåg will be presenting his works to a Chinese audience in two exhibitions touring across the country of China in the period 2010-2011. The exhibitions will be accompanied by the publication of a new book documenting 20 years of his life’s work. The two separate series will be focusing on paintings and graphic works respectively. 
The painting exhibition will be launched in Suzhou on the 26th of May. Opening speeches will be held by the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske and President of Soochow University Zhu Xiulin. The opening will also be accompanied by a music performance by a string quartet consisting of members from the Trondheim Soloists. 

The exhibition of the graphic artwork will follow on the 31st of May in the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. The exhibition will subsequently be displayed across the country during a span of two years. 
Håkon Gullvåg was born in Trondheim in 1959. As a painter, he has been central on the Norwegian art scene since his breakthrough in 1983. His paintings include historical and contemporary portraits, as well as paintings incorporating experiences from his own life and paintings inspired by classical works in the European tradition or literary works. From 1995 onwards, he has been known for his church decorations and he is considered among the country’s greatest in the field. He is also renowned for his many portraits of significant Norwegians. In addition, Gullvåg has worked much with the graphic medium in the last 10 years.

Upcoming exhibitions include the following:  

Suzhou, University Art Museum, May 26, 2010 
Chongqing, Three Gorges Museum, May 31, 2010 
Hangzhou, 2010 (TBA) 
Shenyang, Museum of Art (TBA) 
Beijing (TBA)
15. May 2010 – 18. Jul 2010The sacred and the profane
In this year's summer exhibition at Telemarksgalleriet is a selection of paintings from Gullvåg’s church decorations and from the Dorian Grey project. In addition there is a selection of both newer and older prints in various techniques. The exhibition is a sales exhibition.

Read more at telemarksgalleriet.no