Gallery Dobloug

30. October 2010 a new exhibition opens at Gallery Dobloug featuring highlights from two of Håkon Gullvåg’s recent large scale exhibitions outside Europe. 
The most prominent theme is a subject matter Gullvåg has worked since his breakthrough in 1983, namely an adult person's effort to depict a world seen through a child's senses. In addition, the exhibition shows playful paraphrasing the artist's own youth work and Spanish masters.

Gallery Dobloug

Download images in print quality:

1: GUARDIANS OF THE SECRET, 2009-2010, olje, 207 x 260 cm
2: PORTRAIT OF AN EQUESTRIAN, 2009-2010, olje, 250 x 160 cm
3: AVIATOR I, 2009-2010, olje, 210x140 cm

The catalogue: